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Linux is the operating system, or a kernel based on the Unix operating system and distributed under an Open Source license. Therefore, it is free of cost.





Open Source

Linux starter-kit

Course content of Linux

Introduction to Linux

  • What is Operating System?
  • What is Linux?
  • What is Linux Distro?
  • Major Linux Distros
  • History of Linux

Key Components in Linux

  • Kernel
  • Terminal
  • Shell
  • User
  • Group
  • Partition
  • Filesystem
  • Process
  • Package
  • Service
  • Network
  • SSH
  • Text Processor

Overview of Linux

  • Architecture of Linux
  • User Space
  • Kernel Space
  • Linux vs Windows

FAQ on Linux

Prerequisites for Linux


  • What is the Purpose of Kernel?
  • Types of Kernel Architecture
  • Understanding Linux Kernel
  • How Linux Kernel Bootstraps?
  • How Linux Kernel Works?


  • What is the Purpose of Terminal?
  • Major Terminal Emulators
  • What is TeleType Terminal (TTY)?
  • Understanding TeleType Terminal (TTY)
  • What is Psuedo Terminal (PTY)?
  • Understanding Psuedo Terminal (PTY)


  • What is the Purpose of Shell?
  • Major Shells
  • Understanding Shell
  • Manage Shells
  • What is Environment Variable?
  • Manage Environment Variables in Shell


  • What is the Purpose of User?
  • What is Sudo User?
  • Understanding User
  • Manage Users


  • What is the Purpose of Group?
  • Understanding Group
  • Manage Groups


  • What is the Purpose of Partition?
  • Understanding Partition
  • Manage Partitions


  • What is the Purpose of Filesystem?
  • Major Filesystems
  • What is INode?
  • Understanding Filesystem
  • Major File Types in Linux Filesystem
  • Structure of Filesystem Tree
  • Manage Filesystems
  • Understanding Ownership & Permission in Filesytem
  • Manage Ownerships & Permissions in Filesystem


  • What is the Purpose of Process?
  • Understanding Process
  • Structure of Process Tree
  • Control Process Lifecycle Using Signals
  • Schedule Process Using Crontab
  • Crontab Syntax
  • Manage Crontab
  • Manage Processes


  • What is the Purpose of Package?
  • What is Package Manager?
  • Understanding Package
  • Manage Packages


  • What is the Purpose of Service?
  • What is Daemon?
  • What is Systemd?
  • Understanding Service
  • Manage Services


  • What is the Purpose of Network?
  • Understanding Network
  • How TCP/IP Network Connection Works?
  • Configuring Network Namespace
  • What is IP?
  • What is Port?
  • What is Socket?
  • Raw Socket
  • Stream Socket
  • Datagram Socket
  • Manage Networks

Useful Commands


  • What is the Purpose of SSH?
  • Major Tools Using SSH
  • Understanding SSH
  • History of SSH
  • Install & Configure SSH Server
  • Configure SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Do's and Dont's with SSH

Text Processor

  • What is the Purpose of Text Processor?
  • Understanding Text Processor

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