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Swarm is a famous native container orchestration and clustering feature of Docker that allows seamless scaling of Docker containers across multiple machines.





Open Source

Swarm starter-kit

Course content of Swarm

Introduction to Swarm

  • What is Docker?
  • Understanding Container Clustering & Orchestration
  • Major Container Clustering & Orchestration Tools/Services
  • Benefits of Container Clustering & Orchestration
  • What is Swarm?
  • Understanding Swarm
  • History of Swarm

Key Components in Swarm

  • Swarm Node
  • Swarm Stack
  • Swarm Service

Overview of Swarm

  • Architecture of Swarm-managed Docker Containers
  • Swarm vs Kubernetes

FAQ on Swarm

Prerequisites for Swarm

  • Using Virtual Machines as Swarm Nodes
  • Boot Virtual Machines for Swarm Nodes
  • Manage Virtual Machines of Swarm Nodes

Setup Swarm

  • Install & Configure Docker

Configure Swarm

  • Initialize Swarm Cluster
  • Join Nodes to Swarm Cluster
  • Prepare Nodes in Swarm Cluster
  • Manage Tokens in Swarm Cluster
  • Deep Dive into Swarm Cluster

Swarm Node

  • What is the Purpose of Swarm Node?
  • Provision Highly Scalable Swarm Nodes
  • Scaling Manager Swarm Nodes
  • Scaling Worker Swarm Nodes
  • Quorum-based Stability of Manager Swarm Nodes
  • Manage Swarm Nodes

Swarm Stack

  • What is the Purpose of Swarm Stack?
  • Understanding Swarm Stack
  • Create Swarm Stack
  • Manage Swarm Stacks

Swarm Service

  • What is the Purpose of Swarm Service?
  • Ways to Expose Swarm Service
  • Manage Swarm Services
  • Deep Dive into Swarm Service
  • How Swarm Service Discovery Works?

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