How we share our DevOps and AWS experience with the learning community?

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Apart from building SaaS products like SloopEngine, we also found a way to share our DevOps and AWS experience with the people to build an effective learning community. Over the past decade, we have accumulated lots of DevOps and AWS experience from the product startup industry. Somehow, we want to share or transfer it to the learning community. As a result, a couple of years back, we took the initiative to conduct hands-on training on DevOps and AWS to help and support people who are willing to learn the depth of technology in real-time with perfect use cases and case studies.

Key aspects of our DevOps and AWS training

  • 3+ years of experience in training.
  • 200+ hours of course content.
  • 9+ DevOps tools.
  • 25+ AWS services.
  • Mobile-first book material with an auto-sync feature.
  • 10+ starter-kits are available on GitHub.
  • 2 mini-projects.
  • 1 final project.

Significance of our DevOps and AWS training

  • Hands-on from 1st day.
  • Deep diving sessions on all topics.
  • Learning from case studies.
  • Dealing with a variety of use cases.
  • Finding solutions for complex problems.
  • Understanding real-time implementations.
  • Not 100% commercial motive.

Achievements from DevOps and AWS training

As of now, we have successfully trained 175+ candidates on DevOps tools and AWS services. Many of them got placed as Cloud/DevOps Engineers in top-class MNC's and startups. We do provide 100% comprehensive hands-on training on tools like Linux, Shell Script, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Chef, Ansible, ELK, Git, Jenkins, Terraform, Python, and AWS. We manage own learning starter-kits at GitHub and do provide own book materials to workout the DevOps tools and AWS services. With many years of real-time work experience in leading startups, we can dive deep into any of the DevOps tools and AWS services.

Are you Interested in our DevOps and AWS training?

  • We expect you to come with 100% commitment and dedication so we can try to bring something out of you.
  • We won't onboard people who cannot commit their time and hard work.
  • This is an initiative taken by SloopStash to strengthen the tech backbone of India, so we don't serve with commercial motives.
  • Our main motive behind this DevOps and AWS training is to build a dynamic learning community.
  • We are least bothered about the commercial gain but more interested in building high-quality DevOps professionals.

If you are still interested, let us know by filling the contact form with proper contact information, so that we can get in touch with you. Thank you.


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