The image illustrates the sequence of steps involved in building a VM using Vagrant with VMware Fusion.

How to build VM on Mac (Apple M1/M2 chip) with VMware Fusion & Vagrant?

Learn how to create and manage virtual machines (VMs) on the Apple M1/M2 chip-based Mac machine using VMware Fusion and Vagrant.

A conceptual drawing illustrates a developer thinking about how to write a good Git commit message.

How to write an effective Git commit message?

A developer must know how to write an effective Git commit message to enhance team software development process.

A flow diagram explains how to deploy Hadoop in Kubernetes on the AWS cloud using Terraform and Chef. Every component is highlighted like a sticker.

Deploy Hadoop in Kubernetes on AWS cloud using Terraform and Chef

Learn how to build Hadoop cluster in self-managed Kubernetes cluster running on AWS cloud (IAM, VPC, S3, EC2, and OpsWorks) powered by Terraform and Chef.

Flow diagram of building Kubernetes cluster on AWS cloud using Terraform and Ansible.

Building Kubernetes cluster on AWS cloud using Terraform and Ansible

Learn how to use Ansible with Terraform to provision and deploy a self-managed Kubernetes cluster on AWS cloud, including AWS IAM, Amazon VPC, and Amazon EC2.

An illustration features the DevOps tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef etc., and AWS and various conceptual imagery.

How we share our DevOps and AWS experience with the learning community?

Know the key aspects and significance of our DevOps and AWS training. Learn Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Git, Ansible, Chef, ELK, Jenkins, Terraform, and AWS.

A banner in the presentation stage contains the title 'The wall diagram theory' and the image of a brick. And a speaker standing near the pulpit.

Demystifying DevOps profession - The Wall Diagram theory

The Wall Diagram theory allows us to demystify the DevOps profession. DevOps is a multi-skill oriented job role, including a collaborative work culture.

Two sets of containers determine by blue and green colour.  The helicopter carries green containers. It conceptually represents blue-green deployment.

How to effectively implement Blue-Green deployment model? - DevOps

Blue-Green deployment is a deployment model in DevOps that allows organizations to deploy app services & switch traffic without producing downtime to customers.

Three cards has titled Capacity planning, Provisioning and Deployment.

Mastering the 3 steps involved in Infrastructure Management - DevOps

It is important for a DevOps professional to understand the 3 steps involved in Infrastructure Management i.e Capacity Planning, Provisioning, and Deployment.

YouTube video banner.

How to build VM on Windows 10 using VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Git Bash?

Know how to do the automated building of Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS virtual machine (VM) on Windows 10 host machine using VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Git Bash.

The first half (before COVID-19) has colorful buildings and more money bags. The second half (during COVID-19) has plain building with few money bags.

Why layoffs were unavoidable in funded startups during COVID-19?

First, we need to understand how startup ecosystem works inorder to learn why layoffs were unavoidable in investor funded startups during COVID-19 pandemic.

The image illustrates whoever was unemployed due to mass layoffs in the IT/software industry attending the DevOps job fair.

Automation results in mass IT layoffs but creates numerous DevOps jobs

Automation results in mass IT layoffs and leads to the adoption of DevOps practices, thus creating numerous DevOps job opportunities.

Google Trends report shows a 300 percentage traffic increase for DevOps topic/keyword in Google Search from 2018 to 2019.

How to get a job as a DevOps engineer?

Know the step by step procedure to get a job as a DevOps engineer in leading startups and MNCs. It doesn't matter whether you are fresher or experienced.

Image contains stickers like Docker logo, Jenkins logo, CI engine, CI/CD Pipeline, Build/Test, Portable Environments, and Software Stack.

What are the differences between Docker and Jenkins?

Learn the reasons on why we should not compare Docker and Jenkins. The use cases of Docker and Jenkins are entirely different, so don't compare both.

Two snails labelled with AWS EC2 and AWS RDS are participating in the race. There is a line marked as a safe zone, and no snail crossed that line.

How to troubleshoot slow performance between AWS EC2 and AWS RDS instances?

Know the effective ways of troubleshooting slow performance issue between AWS EC2 and AWS RDS instances. Try running MySQL on AWS EC2 instance to reduce cost.

Server racks and a man are working with his laptop. It means he is troubleshooting an unresponsive AWS EC2 server.

How to handle an unresponsive AWS EC2 server?

Learn the possible scenarios when an AWS EC2 server becomes unresponsive for the user. Also, know the ways to handle failures of an unresponsive AWS EC2 server.

A drawing shows people viewing art. That art has a man who is thinking about what is DevOps.

What is DevOps?

Understanding DevOps methodology in a proper way is more needed for any IT/software professional who is willing to proceed with his career as DevOps.

Three elk labelled E, L, and K.  They stand as a pyramid. And there is a signboard containing 'Let's start' text.

How to get started with ELK (Elastic) stack?

Know the better ways to get started with ELK (Elastic) stack. The Elastic stack is composed of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats framework as well.

There is three layers of sea waves. Bottom layer has Linux, Windows, Mac text. Middle layer has Linux Kernel text. Top layer has Docker moby logo.

Can Docker containers run on any operating system?

Get to know the fact why Docker containers cannot run directly on Windows and Mac operating systems. Docker container engine is built for Linux kernel.