What is DevOps?

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A drawing shows people viewing art. That art has a man who is thinking about what is DevOps.

Unfortunately, I've seen many good tech companies and software professionals have fallen prey to a wrong understanding of DevOps due to misled information from internet sources. So, it is good to know what DevOps is not before understanding what DevOps is. Let's see what DevOps is not.

  1. DevOps is not a system software or software application or software tool.
  2. DevOps is not a programming language like C, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript.
  3. DevOps is not a brand name of a software product.
  4. DevOps is not a service provided by an organization.
  5. DevOps is not an operating system like Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, MacOS, Windows.
  6. DevOps is not a cloud service provider like AWS, Google, Azure, OpenStack.

Many believe DevOps as one of the above-listed choices. It's not a problem with people but the problem with fake sources of information on the internet. I have found more than 90% of the internet information related to DevOps, is misleading. So, you need to be careful if you are a newbie to these terms. Let's see what DevOps is.

DevOps is a methodology or approach that solves the issues and loops holes left by Traditional SDLC. The DevOps methodology/approach aims development, testing, capacity planning, provisioning, automated deployments, data analytics, performance monitoring, scaling, and security at a faster rate, thus increasing the productivity of the organization with better collaboration within teams. There are two levels of implementing DevOps methodology/approach.

  1. Organization: The organization must provide a tremendous level of freedom for every individual member to navigate between teams to gain knowledge related to the software stack. Team collaboration and culture of the organization is the key here. Thus, internal politics must be uprooted immediately from the organization to achieve this.

  2. Individual: If you are a part such organization, you will gain a variety of skills over some time. The other team members also must feel secure while sharing their knowledge with you.

This is the proper way of implementing DevOps methodology/approach with an organization. At SloopStash, we try to follow this sort of DevOps methodology/approach. If you follow such a DevOps work culture, you can make every member of your team as a better DevOps professional.

Hope it helps. Thank you.


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