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Git is a widely-used Open Source version control system or source code management platform that keeps track of changes in the source code to maintain history.

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Course content of Git

Introduction to Git

  • Getting Started with Software Development
  • What is Version Control System (VCS)/Source Control Management (SCM)?
    • Major VCS/SCM Tools
    • Benefits of VCS/SCM
  • What is Git?
  • History of Git

Key Components in Git

  • Git Repository
  • Git Service Provider
  • Git Workflow

Overview of Git

  • Architecture of Git-managed Software Development
    • Centralized
    • Distributed
  • Git vs Subversion

FAQ on Git

Setup Git

  • Install Git
  • Significance of Git Programs
  • Understanding Git System Paths

Configure Git

  • Understanding Git Configurations
  • Apply Global Configurations in Git

Git Repository

  • What is the Purpose of Git Repository?
  • Tree Structure of Git Repository
  • Initialize Git Repository
  • Status of Git Repository
  • Ignore Unwanted Files and Paths in Git Repository
  • Add Source Tree to Git Repository
  • Commit Changes to Git Repository
  • Manage Git Repositories
  • Deep Dive into Git Repository
    • How Push Mechanism Works in Git Repository?
    • How Pull Mechanism Works in Git Repository?
  • Do's and Dont's with Git Repository

Git Service Provider

  • What is the Purpose of Git Service Provider?
    • Major Git Service Providers
  • Understanding Git Service Provider
    • GitHub
    • Bitbucket
    • GitLab
  • How to Choose a Git Service Provider?
  • Manage SSH Keys with Git Service Provider
  • Create Repository in Git Service Provider
  • Manage Repositories in Git Service Provider
  • Push Changes to Remote Git Repository
  • Integrate Git Repository with Jenkins CI Server
  • Do's and Dont's with Git Service Provider

Git Workflow

  • What is the Purpose of Git Workflow?
  • Architecture of Git Workflow
    • Principles of Git Workflow
  • Execute Git Workflow
    • Intialize Git Workflow
    • Clone Git Repository
    • Cherry Pick and Apply Git Commits to a Branch
    • Merge Git Branches
    • Create Release Using Git Tag
    • Ways to Handle Post Deployment Issues
  • Do's and Dont's with Git Workflow

Case Study

  • How We Implemented Git Workflow for SloopEngine Product Development

Merge Conflict in Git

  • Why Merge Conflict Occurs in Git Repository?
  • Simulate Merge Conflict in Git Repository
  • Fix Merge Conflict in Git Repository

Git Stash

  • What is the Purpose of Git Stash?
  • Stash Changes Before Switching to Another Git Branch

Git Reset

  • What is the Purpose of Git Reset?
  • Undo Commits on Branch Using Git Reset

Git Rebase

  • What is the Purpose of Git Rebase?
  • Rebasing Scenario in Git Repository
  • Rebasing a Branch Using Git Rebase

Interview on Git


  • A machine running Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as host operating system. Don't panic, we'll help you in this.
  • Machine hardware requirements are minimum 12GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 100GB storage.
  • Must have exceptional knowledge on Linux-based operating systems and it's commands.


The main objective of the Git course is to help you understand how to build and manage the source code of a sample CRM app using Git.


Anyone from the IT/software industry who is passionate and willing to implement version control system can start learning Git. It doesn't matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, we always start from ground zero.


  • You do hands-on from day one.
  • We do digital whiteboarding to make you understand concepts and real-time implementations.
  • You can ask questions, participate in discussions, and get solutions for complex problems.
  • We deal with a variety of use cases and case studies.
  • We do deep diving on all topics.