Jenkins is an Open Source automation server that manages and controls software delivery processes throughout the entire software development lifecycle.


Course content

Introduction to Jenkins

  • What is Automated Testing?
  • What is Automated Build?
  • What is Continuous Integration (CI)?
  • What is Continuous Deployment (CD)?
  • What is CI/CD Pipeline?
  • Understanding CI/CD Pipeline
    • Build Phase in CI/CD Pipeline
    • Test Phase in CI/CD Pipeline
    • Deploy Phase in CI/CD Pipeline
    • Lifecycle of CI/CD Pipeline
  • What is Jenkins?
  • History of Jenkins

Key Components in Jenkins

  • Jenkins Plugin
  • Jenkins CLI
  • Jenkins Node
  • Jenkins Project
  • Blue Ocean

Overview of Jenkins

  • Architecture of Jenkins-managed Software Build/Testing

FAQ on Jenkins

Prerequisites for Jenkins

  • Install Ngrok

Setup Jenkins

  • Install Jenkins
  • Significance of Jenkins Programs
  • Manage Jenkins

Configure Jenkins

  • Understanding Jenkins System Paths
  • Unlock Jenkins
  • Enable/Disable Jenkins Plugins
  • Create Admin User
  • Configure Jenkins Location
  • Configure E-mail Notification
  • Configure Extended E-mail Notification
    • Use Gmail SMTP Server
  • Configure Agents
  • Configure SSH Server

Jenkins CLI

  • Install Jenkins CLI
  • Configure Jenkins CLI in SSH Mode

Jenkins Node

  • Using Docker Containers as Jenkins Nodes
  • Configure Jenkins Node

Jenkins Freestyle Project

  • What is Jenkins Freestyle Project?
  • What is the Purpose of Jenkins Freestyle Project?
  • Setup CI/CD using Jenkins Freestyle Project
  • General
  • Source Code Management
  • Build Triggers
  • Build Environment
  • Build
  • Post-build Actions
  • Trigger CI/CD of Jenkins Freestyle Project
  • Configure Webhook on GitHub
  • Manage Jenkins Freestyle Projects
  • Do's and Dont's with Jenkins Freestyle Project

Blue Ocean

  • What is the Purpose of Blue Ocean?
  • Install Blue Ocean
  • Understanding Blue Ocean

Jenkins Pipeline Project

  • What is Jenkins Pipeline Project?
  • What is the Purpose of Jenkins Pipeline Project?
  • Structure of Declarative Jenkins Pipeline
  • Enable Ansible Plugin in Jenkins
  • Setup CI/CD using Jenkins Pipeline Project
    • General
    • Build Triggers
    • Pipeline
  • Trigger CI/CD of Jenkins Pipeline Project
    • Configure Webhook on GitHub
  • Manage Jenkins Pipeline Projects
  • Do's and Dont's with Jenkins Pipeline Project

Interview on Jenkins

Key aspects


  • A machine running Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as host operating system. Don't panic, we'll help you in this.
  • Machine hardware requirements are minimum 12GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 100GB storage.
  • Must have exceptional knowledge on Linux-based operating systems and it's commands.


The main objective of the Jenkins course is to help you run build/test of sample CRM app using Jenkins freestyle and pipeline projects. The CRM app is built on Python Flask micro framework and uses Redis as database.


Anyone from the IT/software industry who is passionate and willing to perform automated software build/testing can start learning Jenkins. It doesn't matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, we always start from ground zero.


  • You do hands-on from day one.
  • We do digital whiteboarding to make you understand concepts and real-time implementations.
  • You can ask questions, participate in discussions, and get solutions for complex problems.
  • We deal with a variety of use cases and case studies.
  • We do deep diving on all topics.