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Terraform is an Open Source infrastructure provisioner that enables users to define a data center infrastructure using HashiCorp Configuration Language or JSON.





Course content of Terraform

Introduction to Terraform

  • What is Cloud?
  • Why Cloud?
  • Understanding Cloud
  • IaaS in Cloud
  • PaaS in Cloud
  • SaaS in Cloud
  • Benefits of Cloud
  • Infrastructure Management
  • What is Provisioning?
  • Major Provisioning Tools/Services
  • What is Terraform?
  • History of Terraform

Key Components in Terraform

  • Terraform Provider
  • Terraform Workspace
  • Terraform Configuration
  • Terraform Module
  • Terraform Cloud

Overview of Terraform

  • Architecture of Terraform-managed Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Terraform Configuration
  • Terraform Provider
  • Terraform Provisioner
  • Terraform Registry
  • Terraform vs AWS CloudFormation

FAQ on Terraform

Prerequisites for Terraform

  • Create AWS Account
  • Install AWS CLI

Setup Terraform

  • Install Terraform
  • Significance of Terraform Programs

Terraform Provider

  • What is the Purpose of Terraform Provider?
  • Major Terraform Providers
  • Understanding Terraform Provider
  • Manage Terraform Providers

Terraform Workspace

  • What is the Purpose of Terraform Workspace?
  • Understanding Terraform Workspace
  • Create Terraform Workspace
  • Manage Terraform Workspaces
  • Do's and Dont's with Terraform Workspace

Terraform Configuration

  • What is the Purpose of Terraform Configuration?
  • Structure of Terraform Configuration
  • Writing Terraform Configuration
  • Initialize Terraform Configuration
  • Generate Plan from Terraform Configuration
  • Apply Plan of Terraform Configuration
  • Manage Terraform Configurations
  • Do's and Dont's with Terraform Configuration

Terraform Module

  • What is the Purpose of Terraform Module?
  • Structure of Terraform Module
  • Writing Terraform Module
  • Manage Terraform Modules
  • Do's and Dont's with Terraform Module

Terraform Cloud

  • What is the Purpose of Terraform Cloud?
  • Understanding Terraform Cloud
  • Manage Terraform Cloud
  • Do's and Dont's with Terraform Cloud

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