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DevOps Training

Get started with 150+ hours of hands-on real-time DevOps training, which includes use cases, case studies, deep dives, projects, mock interviews, and more.

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DevOps training courses

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Linux is the operating system, or a kernel based on the Unix operating system and distributed under an Open Source license. Therefore, it is free of cost.

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Docker is the industry-leading container platform that transformed the way how apps/microservices are shipped without worrying much about infrastructure.

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Kubernetes is the industry-leading container orchestration and clustering platform that allows seamless scaling of Docker containers across multiple machines.

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Swarm is a famous native container orchestration and clustering feature of Docker that allows seamless scaling of Docker containers across multiple machines.

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Chef is an industry-leading Open Source configuration management and software deployment tool that supports Unix-like operating systems as well as Windows.

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Ansible is an Open Source configuration management and software deployment tool that is meant to work with Unix-like operating systems but supports Windows too.

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Git is a widely-used Open Source version control system or source code management platform that keeps track of changes in the source code to maintain history.

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Jenkins is an Open Source automation server that manages and controls software delivery processes throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

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ELK (Elastic) Stack

ELK (Elastic) stack is an Open Source observability platform that is made of products from Elastic company namely Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats.

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Terraform is an Open Source infrastructure provisioner that enables users to define a data center infrastructure using HashiCorp Configuration Language or JSON.


  • You need a machine running Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as host operating system. Don't panic, we'll help you in this.
  • Machine hardware requirements are minimum 12GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 100GB storage.


  • 150+ hours of hands-on.
  • 4 hours 30 minutes per session.


The main objective of our DevOps training is to open opportunities for people who want to be an integral part of a dynamic, high-quality DevOps learning community where they can learn, share, and enhance DevOps skills.


Anyone from the IT/software industry who is passionate and willing to take up the challenge can start pursuing the DevOps profession. It doesn't matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, we always start from ground zero.